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Over 50% of teachers have been diagnosed with a mental health issue due to stress

60% of teachers feel more motivated and committed if their employer takes action to support mental health and wellbeing

This 2 hour course gives you:

  • A better understanding of mental health in education
  • The impact of stigma
  • Greater ability to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses in colleagues, students, friends and family members.
  • Confidence in having conversations around mental health in education
  • Tools to build your own mental resilience
  • More awareness of where to look and how to ask for resources


2 hour face to face course

Learning takes place through a mix of discussions, presentation and workshop activity

The numbers are unlimited on this course


"This course really imporved my confidence in addressing mental health issues with students and my colleagues. I also really benefited from the selfcare tips."

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