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An invitation to volunteer for us...

Our Volunteers put fire in our belly and make us the success we are, that’s why we want you.

Why Volunteer —it really is okay and important to ask what’s in it for me

Boost you career options with new skills—73% of employers prefer a candidate with volunteering on their CV.

Meet and interact with a diverse range of people—nothing is face value and with us you will constantly learn and develop in a safe environment.

Give something back—our volunteers tell us they derive a dramatic increase in their own wellbeing, better sleep, boosted immune system, a greater connection with the community, combating loneliness. If we could bottle this we would be a rich Charity!

Why do we want you - 1 in 4 people will suffer some form of mental distress each year, there is a lot for us to do.

Volunteers get things done. If you can listen, show empathy to others, be non judgemental, respect confidentiality, give us a consistent time commitment for a minimum 3 month period, then we think you will like us.

To request an application pack please click here.