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Our volunteers are the reason that our organisation can help so many people improve their mental wellbeing. They are an inspiration and help make us the success we are, that’s why we want you.


Why Volunteer?

  • Improve the lives of others
  • Improve yours and others’ mental wellbeing - Our volunteers tell us they derive a dramatic increase in their own wellbeing, better sleep, boosted immune system and a greater connection with the community.
  • Improve your CV - Boost you career options with new skills—73% of employers prefer a candidate with volunteering on their CV.
  • Meet new people - You'll meet and interact with a diverse range of people
  • Pass on your skills and expertise
  • Learn from others - Nothing is face value and with us you will constantly learn and develop in a safe environment.

How do I Contribute?

As a volunteer you make a real impact to our service users and the organisation. Depending on your role:

  • You will help us to work towards achieving our vision, mission and aims
  • You will bring skills, life experiences and most importantly time
  • You will be improving service users confidence and build their self esteem
  • You will bring your enthusiasm and fresh ideas to projects and services.

We rely on volunteer support to vastly improve the wellbeing of our service users, if you can listen, show empathy to others, be non-judgmental, respect confidentiality and give us a consistent time commitment for a minimum 3 month period, then we think you will like us.

What do we want from you?

We have many different areas to suit many skills where people can help, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Admin
  • Get Set to Go Mentoring
  • Trustees
  • Experts By Experience
  • Training
  • Green Minds
  • Wellbeing Hubs


“I have been volunteering for Springfield Mind for a year now and every day has been a rewarding and positive experience. When I first applied I sought a distraction from my current life and to engage in an area which I had a little experience. Over time I have been on a constant learning curve. It is empowering and humbling to support a team that makes a real difference to people who are in distress.”

Paul Thompson, Fundraising Volunteer

“I started last year in July and felt very welcome by all staff and other volunteers.  Everyone is very supportive and it's great to feel like I'm making a difference to the service users of Springfield Mind.”

Jagjit Purewal, Wellbeing Hub Volunteer

“I only do about 3 hours office admin a week on a Monday and it gets my week off to a good start. As I retired 14 years ago I really appreciate being allowed to try to get to grips with all the new computer wizardry that has happened since my day. I can only do it because everyone in the Springfield Office is so patient and helpful!”

Lal Clay, Admin Volunteer

To Apply 

If you interested in volunteering with us, please download the application form here or contact us by phone on 01789 298615

If you are interested in volunteering to fundraise for us, please download the application from here or contact us by phone on 01789 298615.

Active Opportunities

At the moment we have the following volunteering positions available:
  • Fundraising
  • Training Administrator
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating which position you might be interested in and we will get in touch advising on whether we have vacant opportunities.