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To set up a Fundraiser or Challenge for Springfield Mind, please click the banner.



Here's a little inspiration for fundraising events for Springfield Mind. 


Do you have a head for heights? Why not abseil off the local tallest building or join in a group event and raise funds for us?

Why not get fit by organising an aerobics-athon? Get your family and friends involved too; it's great to fundraise together!

Art exhibition
Are you a keen artist? Do you belong to an art club? Why not put on an exhibition and charge people to come along and take a look?

Arts and crafts fair
Are you creative? Do you know people who are? If so, why not hold an arts and crafts fair? You could sell the tables to local craftsmen and women, and set up things to do on the day for people that attend. A top tip - these events always work well with tea and cake!

Why not organise an auction? This could be as part of a bigger event or on its own. Your auction could be themed, for example, sports memorabilia or celebrity related. The only limitation is your imagination!


Bag packing at local supermarket
Many local supermarkets let charities come in and pack bags, allowing you to ask their customers for donations. Why not pop in and find out if your local supermarket will support you on your quest!

Baked bean bath
This is a great idea as it can be done from the comfort of your own home, or if you want to get more publicity why not see if you can do it in your local shopping centre? You could reduce the cost by asking individuals to donate the beans.

Bike ride
Fancy getting on your bike? Why not ask friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you for your next Sunday ride?

Would you like to get your eyes down in aid of us? Then why not organise a bingo evening? You don't necessarily have to play for money, you could ask local businesses for prizes or if you fancy bingo with a twist why not try meat bingo?

Book Sale
Are you a book worm? Do you have a large collection of books you wouldn't read again? Why not make a plea for books and set up a book stand or a book sale at your local community hall?

Bridge evening
Do you belong to a Bridge club? Why not charge a small entry fee so that you can raise money for your favourite charity?

Bring and buy sale
A firm favourite of fundraisers is the traditional 'bring and buy' sale as it is a great opportunity to bring along your unwanted quality goods to sell on, and pick up a bargain for yourself. The foodie stalls e.g cakes, jams and chutneys always do really well!


Cake sale

Everyone loves cake so why not have a cake sale? Ask everyone to make a cake and then sell them by the slice or cake. This is another great idea to do in the office!

Car boot sale
We all like picking up a bargain and what better way than to rummage through a car boot sale?

Coffee morning
Coffee, tea, biscuits, and cakes make up a great coffee morning! You could do a coffee morning at home or alternatively find a local village or church hall to hold it in. Cake and bric-a-brac stands also work well at these types of events.


Dance all day in a sponsored dance-athon.

Darts match
Step up to the oche and watch the arrows fly; the darts ones of course! Why not hold a darts match in your local and ask the pub or a local business to donate a prize for the winner.

Dress down day
Another office favourite - why not ditch the uniform or suit and dress in your comfiest outfit. You may want a have a themed dress down day - pyjama or onesies anyone?


Easter egg hunt
Maybe you belong to a pre school or other club? Why not set up an easter egg hunt with fun clues for the kids? It could be that local businesses will donate the eggs too.

Egg and spoon race
Are you up for an egg and spoon challenge? Race your friends and family. No cheating now!


Fancy dress
Go crazy with the fashion ideas and create a zany masterpiece to wear for the day. Award prizes for the most outrageous, inventive or colourful costumes.

Fashion show
Why not put your creative talents to the test and organise a fashion show; you could invite the wider community to see your fabulous designs, and don't forget to charge an entry fee.

Film night
Create your own cinema and hold a film night for family and friends. Sell popcorn and drinks and charge an entry fee. Theme the night on your favourite type of film!

Five-a-side football
Why not challenge your mates to a five-a-side tournament as part of a football fundraiser. Each team pays to play.


Garage sale
Is your garage full of great stuff that you will never use again? Why not set up a garage sale at home and then invite people to come along and buy? Don't forget to put out fliers and advertise!

Golf day
Keen golfer? Why not organise a golf day or competition?

Guess the weight of; (cake, teddy)
Quiz your friends on the weight of the cake, teddy, in fact anything!

Guess who the baby is (from photos)
A great one for the office; collect baby photos and then charge people to enter and guess who is who. The one who guesses the most right wins a prize. In the event of a draw add the names to a hat.


Head shave
Growing your hair? Why not shave it off in return for sponsorship? We can help with sponsorship forms too.

Horse show
If you have horses or connections why not put on a gymkhana or horse show?


It's a Knockout
Organise an 'It's a Knockout' competition' this is great fun for all the family. Either make it a sponsored event or pay-to-play.


Jumble sales
Reduce, reuse and recycle; the perfect opportunity to hold a jumble sale. A great way to turn your trash into cash!


Enjoy singing? Why not get on the microphone and hold a karaoke evening. Maybe your local pub or club might like to get involved.

Knitting competition
Why not show off your knitting skills? You could take orders for knitted garments or ask people to sponsor you per measurement via sponsorship.


Line dancing
Do you enjoy line dancing? Why not organise an evening and charge a fee to those who want to come along?

Litter picking
Get yourselves sponsored on a mass litter pick afternoon and look after the local environment too. We can provide you with a sponsorship form.


Musical evening
Are you talented? Do you know someone who is? Why not put on your own show?


Name the teddy
Why not get a local business to donate a big teddy and hold a 'name the teddy' competition. You could come up with a list of names where people can buy the name that they think it is called. You can then give the teddy as the prize.


Obstacle course
Have fun with an obstacle course and get sponsored too. We can provide you with a sponsorship form.

Odd clothes day
Turn your non-uniform/work clothes day into an odd clothes day; mix up those socks and 'clash for cash'.


Pancake race
Hold your own pancake race; challenge your friends and family.

Parachute jump
Could you jump out of a plane up to 15,000 ft up? If you could then why not jump for us and ask for sponsorship. It's a great challenge; if you dare!

Pin the tail on the donkey
Challenge others to 'pin the tail on the donkey'. Pay to play.

Plant sale
Green fingered? Always got lots of spare cuttings or plants you don't need? Why not sell them to others and donate the money.


Quit something
Could you give up smoking or eating sweets? Maybe you are a choc-o-holic? Why not ask for friends and family to sponsor you for giving up on your vice? We can provide you with sponsorship forms.

Keen at general knowledge? Why not organise a quiz night?


Race night
Hold a race night and have fun seeing if your horse wins. You don't have to do it for money; use fun money and the person with the most money at the end is the winner of a prize.

Why not hold a raffle and ask for donated prizes. Make sure you check the legalities with the Charity though.

Raft race
This is great fun and a great team building activity for the work place as well. Why not charge teams to enter and set the task of building a floatable raft. Then arrange to meet at the water and see which one can get to the finish line. That's the winner!


Scrabble contest
Challenge your friends to a Scrabble competition. Each competitor pays to play.

See parachute jump.

What's your spelling like? Why not organise a spelling competition or spell-athon? Challenge yourself to a certain number of words and why not get sponsored too?

Why not get sponsored per length swum?


Talent contest
Hold a contest to showcase the talents of your friends and family! Organise a collection or charge at the door for entry.

Teddy bears picnic
Organise a teddy bears picnic and invite friends and family to attend in return for a donation.

Ten-pin bowling
Could you knock the pins down? Why not challenge others and ask for a fee or donation to enter and then give a prize for the person who has the highest score.

Three legged race
Team up with a friend and challenge other pairs to a three legged race. To make it more fun, why not do it in fancy dress too? Each team pays to play.

Get friends and family to donate gifts and organise a tombola. Only numbers ending in 0 or 5 will win a prize!

Treasure Hunt
Create a treasure hunt and challenge your friends to find what you have hidden. Pay to play.


Uniform free day
Ditch the uniform for a fee. Easy fundraising for your school!

Unwanted gifts
You could donate your unwanted gifts to your local charity shops to sell.


Variety show
Keen singer? Maybe you are into magic or dancing? Put on a show and charge entry to watch.

Vehicle Rally
Are you into cars or motorcycles? Why not hold your own rally? If you are part of a bike or car club why not get them involved too?


Are you a keen walker? Why not plan your route and charge others to come with you or sponsor you.

Welly throwing competition
Put your welly wanging skills to the test and see how far those wellies will go.


X-Factor Competition
Celebrate all your talents by putting on a show; Britain's definitely got talent. Organise your own talent show and invite friends and family too.


Yo-yo competition
Have you got a talent for yo-yoing? Then put your skill to good use and get sponsored per yo!


Zoo quiz
Create a zoological quiz all about the animal kingdom and charge people to enter. It might be you do this at work at lunchtime or at a club or pub you go to.

Download this fundraising guide Here.


These are just examples feel free to use your imagination