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What's Your Story?


A creative therapeutic programme that gives you the space and tools to analyse and understand your life-stories.


A mental wellbeing programme for anyone struggling to manage, understand or change their lives.


Reimagining your life-problems as stories can give you the insight to create your own solutions. 


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All of us tell stories about ourselves; about the experiences that have shaped us, the trials and turning points that have tested us. These defining stories we tell about ourselves help make sense of our lives, justify our actions and give our relationships meaning. Yet at times we can all of us create life-stories that turn out to be misleading, unhelpful or even self-destructive.

Using the techniques of story telling to explore, understand and reimagine your life-problems can transform your sense of self-worth, change your relationship with others and provide you with a more positive vision of your future.

During the What’s Your Story? programme you will explore how stories are structured, how they convey meaning and how your life-stories define your sense of self and the limits of your cultural and social worlds.

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What’s Your Story? has been devised by mental health service users and creative writers Steve Norton and Chris Jury, and may be of particular interest to those living with common mental health issues such as loneliness, anxiety, stress, depression or addiction.

Steve Norton has recently graduated from the Writing For Performance course at Ruskin College, Oxford. Steve came to creative writing through the homelessness charity Crisis after a mental breakdown in 2014. Steve had the idea for What's Your Story? after studying with Chris Jury in Autumn 2017.

Chris Jury. is an award winning actor writer and director best known for playing Eric Catchpole in over 50 episodes of BBC antique classic, Lovejoy. He has also written and directed on television shows such as The Bill, Holby City, Casualty, Eastenders and Coronation Street. He has lectured on scriptwriting and Film & TV production at the University Of West London, Leeds Metropolitan University and Bath Spa University. In the past Chris suffered from depression and substance abuse issues and has found story to be a crucial tool in his successful and long-lasting recovery.