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Wellbeing for Evesham




Since our foundation in 1984, Springfield Mind has grown a reputation for providing high quality support and services in the mental health sector. We want everyone in Worcestershire to have the same access to high quality support that we provide in Warwickshire, these include:




Peer Support Group

This weekly group offers peer support both within the weekly sessions and if wanted one to one support within the local community to work on an individual basis identifying goals and walking with people on their road to recovery. In a short course of 12 sessions we encourage individuals to positively engage with the programme at the start and commence their own goal setting and grow their self-belief.

Every Monday 10 to 11.30am and 12.30 to 2.30pm




We are starting to hold regular outreach sessions within the community, we feel that it is important to maintain build links with organisations within the community both to "start a conversation" about mental health and to reduce stigma. We also give out supportive and reliable information to help people make positive changes to their mental wellbeing. We aim to raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health issues.




Parents Support

Parenting isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing and rewarding to watch your children  grow, and to help them learn to be independent, it can also be really hard work and mental  wellbeing is crucial. We believe in the value of meeting, sharing with and supporting parents whilst  learning from each other. Meeting weekly in Wallace House, on early evenings during Term Times to provide ongoing support. The meeting is free to join and access.

 Coming Soon




 Evesham 5 Ways Group

We host a weekly meeting, usually within Wallace House where we get together to support each other finding new and fun ways to connect, keep learning, be active, give and take notice. Individuals, staff and volunteers will pool ideas on ways to achieve and maintain some (or all!) of our five ways to wellbeing to improve our mental health. Activities include walks, learning new skills, mindfulness, meeting with other community groups and many others. This is fun way to improve your mental wellbeing in a supportive environment.

 Every Monday 12.30pm - 2.30pm




We are able to offer a range of training such as Mental Health First Aid, Pastoral Care, Wellbeing in the Workplace along with bespoke solutions.




Contact Us

Wallace House is located on Oat Street opposite the Evesham Library.

For further information please contact Sally Ward on 07885812764 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.