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Volunteers required for an exciting new pilot project

We are looking for volunteers to get involved with our Community Adult Autism Support Service (CAASS) in Warwickshire.

Springfield Mind has been funded to deliver a pilot project working with adults with autism.  The volunteer opportunities available are:

  • To work alongside staff delivering six-week courses (2 hrs per week) to enable individuals to understand, come to terms with and self-manage their diagnosis
  • To work alongside staff providing and facilitating peer support groups to decrease isolation and build social networks (2 hrs per week)

Induction and training opportunities will be provided.

The above volunteer roles are available in either Stratford or Leamington.

If you are interested, or would like to find out more, please contact Melanie Campbell on 01789 298615 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mental Health First Aid Training



Make sure you know how to deal with stress and mental illness. Support your mate’s/partner/colleagues by taking a mental health first aid qualification.


10th & 11th October 2019 Stratford-upon-Avon

£199 per person


More information at:

Telephone: 01789 298615

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Upcoming Events


This is a list of upcoming events that we are involved in:

Dates for Diary

  • 14-20 May - Mental Health Awareness Week
  • 10 September - Suicide Prevention Day
  • 10 October - World Mental Health Day

Spring 2019 Newsletter

To download the newsletter for Spring 2019, please click here.

Quiz Christmas 2018 Answers

The following are all clues to birds—but which are they?

  1. Prime tool Yellowhammer
  2. Practice boxing in a line Sparrow
  3. Tin is ventilated Canary
  4. Member of senior service Wren
  5. Stealing Robin
  6. She’s not off Heron
  7. Sounds like a Moroccan hat on an insect Pheasant
  8. Moan Grouse
  9. Famous train Mallard
  10. Out of breath Puffin
  11. Rouse feline Kittiwake
  12. 70’s TV family Partridge
  13. Sibling is family Siskin
  14. Finished rap on door Dunnock
  15. Gulp Swallow
  16. Perused a flying toy Red kite
  17. Invoice for cutlery Spoonbill
  18. Stem Stork
  19. Bee noise isn’t easy Buzzard
  20. Meadow price to ride Fieldfare
  21. An interest Hobby
  22. Angry beak Crowbill
  23. Brag Crow
  24. Castle Rook
  25. Monarch angler Kingfisher
  26. Jape Lark
  27. Rapid Swift
  28. Twist round the North Pole Arctic tern
  29. Short glossy publication in pastry Magpie
  30. More than one are able Toucan
  31. Vowel on fire Flamingo
  32. Brazil causes egg to open Nuthatch
  33. What a happy dog might do Wagtail
  34. Average goes off Parrot
  35. Stnightorm Nightingale
  36. Enclosure for Nell Penguin
  37. Shrink in fear Quail
  38. Vowels petition God Osprey
  39. Children may do this to a donkey Pintail
  40. ‘ave a collection of zeroes Avocet
  41. Very dark hat Blackcap
  42. Wheat are in a sponge Corncrake
  43. Dunker Dipper
  44. Elizabeth I wore one of these Ruff
  45. Talk to me, rock Stonechat
  46. I scored no runs Eider duck
  47. Lift opening Jackdaw
  48. A shade of blue Green teal
  49. King Arthur’s wizard Merlin
  50. Have you finished? Stop! Dunlin